Design a simple calendar for your blog and website using HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript Web Project

In this project we will make a simple calendar using HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript.

Detecting negative cycle using Bellman Ford algorithm Graph

In this tutorial we will be using Bellman Ford algorithm to detect negative cycle in a weighted directed graph. Bellman Ford algorithm is useful in finding shortest path from a given source vertex to all the other vertices even if the graph contains a negative weight edge. And Bellman Ford algorithm is also used to detect if a graph contains a negative cycle.

Dijkstra Algorithm - Finding Shortest Path Graph

In this tutorial we will learn to find shortest path between two vertices of a graph using Dijkstra's Algorithm.

Display online offline connection status in JavaScript using Offline.js Reference JavaScript

In this tutorial we will learn about Offline.js which automatically display online/offline indication to the users using JavaScript.

Documentation dyCodeHighlighter

dyCodeHighlighter is a small plugin to highlight code in your web page. It's free and released under MIT License.

Documentation dyScrollUpJS

dyScrollUpJS is a small jquery plugin that you can use in your website and blog to create "Scroll-to-top" button.

Documentation dyClockJS

This is the documentation of the open source project dyClockJS - a small plugin to create digital and analog clock for your blog and website.

DSLR - How to read camera lens DSLR

In this tutorial we will learn to read DSLR camera lenses.

Exercise 1 Flowchart

Solving few flowchart problems. For instance, draw a flowchart to log in to facebook account.

Exercise 1 Pseudo Code

Pseudo Code - Exercise

Exercise 2 Flowchart

Solving flowchart problem.

Factorial Recursion Algorithm

Factorial - Recursion Algorithm

Fibonacci Series Recursion Algorithm

recursion algorithm fibonacci series

First 10000 Prime numbers Reference

List of first 10,000 prime numbers.

Flow of Control Pseudo Code

Pseudo code - Flow of Control

Floyd Warshall Algorithm Graph

Floyd's or Floyd-Warshall Algorithm is used to find all pair shortest path for a graph. This algorithm works for weighted graph having positive and negative weight edges without a negative cycle.

Fractional Knapsack Problem Greedy Algorithm

In this tutorial we will learn about fractional knapsack problem, a greedy algorithm. In this problem the objective is to fill the knapsack with items to get maximum benefit (value or profit) without crossing the weight capacity of the knapsack. And we are also allowed to take an item in fractional part.

Free and Paid video editing softwares for YouTube Reference YouTube

This is a reference note of some of the video editing softwares that can be used to edit videos for YouTube.

Getting a domain and hosting plan for your website Howto Website

In this tutorial we will learn how to get domain and hosting plan for your website.

Getting Started DYReImage-PHP

This is the documentation of the DYReImage image resizing project.

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