Image Processing Project

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In this project we will learn some image processing concepts. We will begin our journey by learning to read and write image files. Then we will move on to other topics like how to convert an image into grayscale image. How to generate negative of an image etc. We will discuss the theory part and write code in this project.

Who can take this project?

If you want to learn something interesting then this is for you. All you need is some coding knowledge. Java is the programming language we will be using for this project. We also have C# code, but we will discuss that in the C# section.

Things or Software required?

Of course, Adobe Photoshop!

Just kidding…

Since this is a DO-IT-YOURSELF project so we will be building everything from scratch.

Since we are going to use Java in this project so a Java compiler and a text editor is the minimum requirement for this project, though we will be using BlueJ which is free Java Development Environment and you can download it from their website and BlueJ is available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu/Debian Linux.

Can I use any other software?

Yes you can. There are a lot of IDE out there for Java. Some famous and renowned ones are NetBeans IDE and the Eclipse IDE. And they both are FREE.

Project Source code

You can download the project code from our GitHub repository.

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