Activity Selection Problem Greedy Algorithm

In this video we will learn about Activity Selection Problem, a greedy way to find the maximum number of activities a person or machine can perform, assuming that the person or machine involved can only work on a single activity at a time.

Fractional Knapsack Problem Greedy Algorithm

In this tutorial we will learn about fractional knapsack problem, a greedy algorithm. In this problem the objective is to fill the knapsack with items to get maximum benefit (value or profit) without crossing the weight capacity of the knapsack. And we are also allowed to take an item in fractional part.

Job Sequencing Problem with Deadline Greedy Algorithm

In this tutorial we will learn about Job Sequencing Problem with Deadline. This problem consists of n jobs each associated with a deadline and profit and our objective is to earn maximum profit. We will earn profit only when job is completed on or before deadline. We assume that each job will take unit time to complete.

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